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WeBulgari Greetings

Project description

Bvlgari strives to connect with their customers and keep a close relationship with them. WeBulgari Greetings' purpose is to create thoughtful and personalized messages to send clients during important personal moments. Seven special moments were chosen, and our goal was to take each one and translate them into online visual stories.

Together with very talented animation designer, Benny Leung, we designed and developed seven H5 websites, each available in three languages. The designs that were created for this project were highly customized and extended beyond the assets already existing in the Bvlgari repertoire.

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The seven stories
  1. New Birth Congratulations
  2. Happy Birthday - Feminine
  3. Happy Birthday - Masculine
  4. Wedding Anniversary
  5. 2-Year Bvlgari First Purchase Anniversary
  6. How-To Care For Your Jewels
  7. Welcome to Bvlgari
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