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The story of powerful harmony - the reconciliation of opposing forces.


Armani Beauty


UI/UX Design




A WeChat mini program design for the opening of Armani Beauty's new Shenzhen Flagship store.

Together with Paper Crane Tech and AKQA Shanghai, a beautiful WeChat mini program was designed to enrich and support the offline customer experience in the new Armani Beauty Shenzhen Flagship store. The results show how technology can be leveraged to improve customer experiences, and also introduce innovative and creative ways of interacting with customers in the luxury retail space. Features of the mini program include booking individual consultations in one of the three labs, joining Armani’s Signature VIP loyalty program, accessing the Armani beauty e-boutique, and taking a rituals journey to reveal a diagnosis that suggests a path the customer can take through the store, as well as creating a “harmony profile” with a unique piece of digital art that may be used as a pattern on gift wrapping in-store. All of these features and elements have thoughtfully been designed and included in a beautiful digital design.